March 16, 2018

7 Real Flying Machines That Actually Fly

The World is becoming a better place for robots and Drones to Even Fly Personels up and Down without Stress.. Robotics have gone far in this world and have mad a lot of impact and also in time to come is going to do more amazing things in the world. These post focuses on cool 7 Drones/Flying Human and personal machines and Drones.
7. Omni HoverBoard : 6. Kitty Hawk Flyer : The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a new, all-electric aircraft. We’ve designed our first version specifically to fly over water. You don’t need a pilot’s license and you’ll learn to fly it in minutes.

5. Hoverbike Scorpion-3 : The Scorpion-3 puts the controls directly in the hands of the pilot. Although this sci-fi machine wants to be the transportation vehicle of the future, right now it's little more than an "extreme sports instrument". 4. Martin Jetpack : The Martin Jetpack is a game changer for aviation. It has been designed to be the world’s most practical and safest OPHAV: Optionally Piloted Hovering Air Vehicle. It can be flown manned, unmanned or as a mule. 3. Jetman : 2. JetPack Aviation : 1. Flyboard® Air :

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