October 6, 2017

Suspected Limassol bomber remanded

A National Guard non-commissioned officer, 44, appears to be the main figure in a ring hired to place explosive devices to destroy property in Limassol, police said on Friday.
The suspect was remanded in custody for eight days on Friday in connection with six such attacks, along with his 40-year-old brother, also a soldier, who was detained for three days on evidence that he was involved in one of the cases.
The 44-year-old was already in police custody for two other similar cases.

Police told the court the pair appear to be involved in a bomb explosion that targeted the car of an army major on June 30, 2014 in Limassol.
The investigator said the 40-year-old had allegedly threatened the major at the time, saying he would ask his brother to bomb him over some differences they had.
The major chose not to report the threat to police because he was afraid they would harm him again. But he decided to talk in light of the investigation into unsolved cases.
The other cases in which the 44-year-old is allegedly implicated in are a June 7, 2015 bombing of a car, an October 16, 2016 explosion at a pub, the bombing of a Bingo hall on August 1 this year, and devices placed on the cars of two women, 57 and 25, on September 23 and 26 respectively.
The suspect was arrested after his genetic material was found on a device thrown on the veranda of the 57-year-old’s home that failed to explode. The perpetrator of that attack returned later and placed a second device on her car, which was used by the woman’s son, 30.
The same happened during the attack against the 25-year-old, where the perpetrator again had to return with a second device after the first one failed to go off.
Two other men, aged 35 and 32, have been detained in connection with two of the attacks – the one at the pub and the most recent one against the 57-year-old.
All four suspects deny any involvement.
The 35-year-old was recorded by security cameras talking to the 44-year-old in the parking lot of a nightclub where the National Guard officer worked just before the second device was placed on the 57-year-old’s car.
He was riding a moped of the same type and colour with the one used in the September 23 bombings. The moped belongs to the 32-year-old.
Security footage in the hands of the authorities showed the perpetrator of other attacks riding a different motorcycle that looked like the one owned by the 44-year-old.
Police have not ruled out the four being part of a ring hired to destroy property by people who had differences with the owners.

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