October 2, 2017

Coming to North Cyprus: Read this Cool Review About it

North Cyprus I can say is a very good place to stay in the world if you have a lot of riches with you. The region i think is manage by turkey and uses turkish currency called "TURKISH LIRA" ("
Symbol‎: ‎
Freq. used‎: ‎5kr, 10kr, 25kr, 50kr, ₺1
Code‎: ‎TRY
Rarely used‎: ‎1kr")

1. If you are coming to North Cyprus bear it in mind you are coming to school or a business which is already set.

2. The weather is friendly if you are coming from countries with so much cold weather but during winter you should come with a lot of sweaters and caps to keep yourself warmth and healthy. The economy as i can say is one of the best, hardly you spent 100usd if you are the economy type it can last for you.

3. If you are coming from Africa, get you food stuffs packed like cassava, vegetables, maggi, fish and many more, no one said you should not come with it. likewise bring some noodles if you wish the country does not reject it.

4. The School System is Pretty Cool and you are gonna love it when you come. 

on my next post i will be guiding you on how to stay in North Cyprus and Survive as you come. Remember North Cyprus is damn cool and got a lot of features

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