October 26, 2017

Become a Professional Web and App Developer in ONE Day

the fact i see myself wanna learn and advance more makes me happy because everyday of my live for the past 7yrs i have had the interest in becoming one of the worlds most known developer which am been chasing at this my youth age till the day Mama Calls.. lol..

Most people do ask the questions like this

  1. How will i be a develper or a software engineer or a programmer
  2. How will i start to learn the concept,
  3. How will i grab the codes and wrasp them in my mind in other to create my own stuffs
  4. why can't i be perfect
well from the four questions above lies on every single person out there who are not yet good at doing this stuffs of programming and creating my own cool stuffs..

first let me kick start in telling your somethings.... Am not a good writer and currently am been improving my blogging skills and also developing when it comes to been a developer.

Okay here we go


Here we go, as am typing this am also advicing myself and letting you know the secret behind all this.. I can recall in my ECC 102 on this my first semester in Near East University as a Software Engineering Student, when i see my fellow young mates and young men been amazed when  they see you do some cool stuffs or understand a little as in your mind it will be, it will be like a magic to them.

Understand the concept, The question and make sure you have it mind that every thing about been a developer is perseverance and focusing on it.. Been a developer is not a day job, Sometimes people have everything around them been a developer but they dont care about it at first. People like me had limitations and also hinderance in acamdemics and having gadgets to kick start a Good career in development. A developer researches and treats the topics related to programming to himself and learns more every day, Spends time to his PC and learn Codes... I will advice you use www.w3schools.com to start with and maybe download some pdf files to read more and practice.


Learning is the Act to aqcuire knowledge... People who make progress learns everyday, Sometimes i feel that if i had the chance to have learned more and more and presently the level of programming i am now will be more high than currently i am. Most of us have chance to learn but don't care about it. The more you learn the more you advance and also makes progress. Lets assume you are on a first year Semester of your university, and you attend lectures you will see even the teacher will be the one asking you to drop many activity not pertaining to learn and make sure you study more and more. 

Back to programming, Learning is simple, the Brain is very good to adapt the more we look at codes and practice it.

How will i grab the codes and wraps them in my mind in other to create my own stuffs

WOW, here is the big bang... well like i said above the brain is very good to adapt, People who wants to learn programming forgets one thing that they should practice so much that even when they were at sleep and the alarm hits them awake and you ask them one or two things, the code structure immediately flows through there mouth immediately. So learn to is the key and practice..


Been perfect is very simple, So far you have the zeal and is one of your everyday mission you will be perfect. Always go through basics and don't just Pop to where you will never understand.

I have tried all i can do to make sure all this works for you. Like i said am not good in blogging but i think this my steps will guide you up and up. i will be posting things like this for you all soon. if you have any advice you can use the comment box below to drop it

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