October 4, 2017

5 Things Not To Do With Your Apple Iphone

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Your Apple phone is one of your most precious possessions, a statement of who you are, and maybe even the place where you keep your secrets. And yet many of us don’t protect our phones properly, or we do daft things that could do serious damage to our data.

What shouldn’t you do with your smartphone?

1. Don’t forget to lock the screen

The more we do on our phones, the more damage someone can do if they can get access to it - and one of the simplest ways to secure your phone is to lock it. There’s no shortage of great lock screen apps on Android, and many of them add useful features as well as security.

2. Don't forget to update

It can be hard keeping tabs on which devices get Android updates, but it’s worth paying attention: each new version of Android is mightier than the last. Google Play Services keep the guts of your device current, but the big updates can make your phone feel brand new all over again.

3. Don’t forget to back up

Your life is on your phone. Imagine how you’d feel if you lost the device and it took all your precious photos and top secret world domination plans with it. Backing up isn’t hard, and it’s a very necessary thing to do. As one of our editors puts it, “getting good backup habits is like having good dental habits.

4. Don’t store it all online

“If something happens to your cloud provider, what happens to your data? When MegaUpload shut down a while back there was a whole lot of uploaded data that simply vanished into thin air.” Cloud storage is a great thing, but whether data is in your device or on a faraway server, if it matters to you, you should ensure that there’s more than one copy of it in circulation.

5. Don’t let it overheat

There are a lot of stories about exploding Android phones, and while the culprit is usually a badly made no-name knock-off battery or charger, there are still charging issues you should consider. It’s a very bad idea to leave your phone somewhere warm when it’s charging, regularly letting your battery run to nearly zero is bad for its longevity and you should disconnect it when it’s fully charged.

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