September 29, 2017

Work from home On Facebook

The internet is the largest place in the entire universe!

Facebook community is the largest community I have  ever found myself in as of today.

I work from home doesn't really mean I don't step out of my home to attend meetings, to meet new people, to go for trainings etc. It simply means I work from my own "Convenient" location which is home. It means I am my own boss.

95% of people I do business with are from Facebook. That's a fact! From Facebook, we develop a personal relationship, which grows into a business relationship. We might not have met in person or it might even be years later that we get to meet but we definitely have something in common.

It baffles me when you introduce a business opportunity to someone and the first excuse is "I don't know anyone". Meanwhile they are online more than even those of us running our businesses online. Better move with the times and use your time spent online wisely.

In Lagos alone, we have over 15 million active users monthly. What are you going to do about it? Location is no longer a barrier for any smart business owner. Thanks to the internet and social media.

Use it wisely!

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