June 4, 2016

How To Enable 'Undo Send' in Gmail

Have you ever experienced a situation where you have accidentally sent an email to the wrong person and wished that you could cancel it? Well here are some good news for Gmail users, as the web-based email service rolled out a new feature to undo the sending of emails.

This article will introduce you to the Undo Send feature in Gmail, which essentially allows users to recall messages once they have been sent. This feature can be found on your Gmail Settings page.

Undo Send Emails in Gmail

Connect to your Gmail account. Once logged in, click on the cog icon in the top-right section of the page and select =>>Settings.

Next, head to the =>> General section, and scroll to =>> Undo Send. Tick the =>>Enable Undo Send checkbox:

Gmail Undo Method

By default, the send cancellation period is set to 10 seconds, but you can configure these settings to your liking by selecting one of the options in the drop down menu.

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Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page

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