May 30, 2016

Facebook to Track and Target Non-Users

Facebook is looking to take over web advertising, and now, it has expanded its Audience Network to reach non-users.

Facebook announced that marketers that have signed up for its Facebook Audience Network can use the service to reach internet users both on and off the social network. Facebook introduced the Audience Network two years ago to help publishers and developers show relevant, high-quality ads to users who visit their websites and apps, but the service has only been able to reach people who have Facebook accounts. Now, this is no longer the case. With the new expansion of the Facebook Audience Network, publishers and developers will be able to provide the same high-quality ad experience to everyone, including people who do not use Facebook or are not connected to the social media network. "Advertising may be here to stay, but bad advertising… doesn't have to," said Andrew Bosworth, Facebook's VP of Ads and Business Platform. "That's why we're working to provide a better online advertising experience for everyone: people, publishers, and advertisers."

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While Facebook sees this as a positive move, users do have the option of opting out of ads powered by the Facebook Audience Network. "We also offer everyone controls [sic] over the ads they see, including tools to opt out of online interest-based advertising. If you have an account, you can do this directly from your Facebook settings, and we honor your choice wherever you use Facebook," explained Bosworth. Non-users are also able to opt out, but must do so on each of their browsers or devices individually.

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