April 28, 2016

Nexbit Robin Latest Software Update to Fix Device Sluggish Camera

When Nextbit Robin launched its device, some of its features like auto-backup worked fine, but few things needed to be fixed.

nextbitThat was where company needs to work on it, so the April update then comes. The latest Android 6.0.1 build packs with handful patches on security, the added 184 emoji to live up your images. But most importantly, the device was getting the needed improvements specifically on the camera and its audio.

Once the update will be installed, you will then hear the meatier sound from the new operating system. This sound will be on the device twin speakers located on front. This improvement works better for a number of songs, obviously EDM and rock songs feels substantial, but the lighter tracks sound thick.

If you are one of few in the market who owns Robin from Nextbit, you will get more mileage out due to its camera modifications done after the update. It has cleaner interface and under the hood tweaks that focus on capturing shots faster than the old version.

Overall, the latest updates make the device work twice as fast. The device heat management has become smoother with Snapdragon 808.

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