April 18, 2016

How To Permanently Delete a Google Account

This quick guide will teach you how to permanently delete your Google account as well as all data and services associated with that account, including Gmail, Google Play, and YouTube.

Delete Your Google Account Here

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Before proceeding, note that the deletion of your Google account will restrict access to a number of Google applications and services including Gmail, Google Drive, and your Google Calendar. Account deletion will also clear any information stored in Google Chrome. We highly recommend that you back up any important data, emails, photos, receipts, or downloads associated with your Google or Gmail account before moving forward with account deletion.

How To Delete Your Google Account

  • Sign in to your Google account and head to My Account.

  • In the Account Preferences section, select the Delete your account or services option:

    Delete Google Account

  • Choose Delete Google Account and all data:

  • Confirm your selection and then check the two boxes at the bottom of the page. Finalize your account deletion by clicking Delete Account.

  • Restore a Google Account

    Once your account is deleted, you will have a short window of time to change your mind and recover your Gmail account. However, after 48 hours, account recovery will be much more difficult, if not impossible.

    N.B. IDeleting your Gmail address will delete your emails and content saved within Gmail but note that it will not delete your Google account, Google search history, or any other information associated with your Google account such as YouTube history or your Google+ page.

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