April 14, 2016

How to Bring Android N Experience to Any Android Device Using this 3 Cool Apps

Android N Developer Preview has been here for quite some time now and it brings some very cool features and changes from the previous build. Sadly, the preview is presently limited to Nexus devices only. However, if you have been wanting to get the Android N experience on your device, there are a few options.

There are a few apps that let you experience the new Android N UI, its cool new icons, wallpapers and more. So, without wasting any more time, here are some apps that bring the Android N experience on any Android device:

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  1. N Launcher

    While most of the popular launcher apps like Nova, Apex etc. are yet to bring Android N- like features, the cool new N launcher is based on the Android N Developer Preview. The launcher might be new but it’s no slouch when it comes to features. There are tons of customization options like the ability to choose the look & feel, desktop layouts, gestures and more. Moreover, it includes a cool “Sidebar”, available instead of the Google Now page we see on stock Android. The Sidebar brings various handy toggles, recent apps, as well as your favorite apps.

    You can even choose to have the Sidebar available at any screen. So, if you are looking for Android N looks with tons of customization options, N Launcher should be good enough. While N Launcher is a free app, some customization options are only available in the Premium version.

    Install: (Free, Premium $3.99)

  2. Android N Theme

    If you have CyanogenMod ROM installed on your device or any custom ROM that features the CyanogenMod 12.1 or 13’s theme engine, you can easily install get the new Android N visuals without any hassle. You can simply install the cool new Android N theme that replicates the cool new Android N System UI, Settings, Messenger and Trebuchet.

    That’s not all, as it also brings Android N wallpapers, ringtones, alarms, notifications, boot animation etc. So, what are you waiting for, check it out.

    Install: (Free)

  3. Android N Wallpapers

    If you loved the cool new Android N wallpaper, you can easily get it on your device. The Android N Developer Preview comes with a default wallpaper that shows a view of purplish sky with a mountain at the bottom and it all looks gorgeous. Thankfully, the Android N Wallpapers app brings all the Android N default wallpapers, so you can easily complete your device’s Android N look.

    You can simply install the app, open it and tap “Set as wallpaper” on the wallpaper you like and your new Android N wallpaper will be set. While the app is free, it’s laced with ads, so check it out and decide for yourself.

    Install: (Free with ads)

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