March 8, 2016

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile Update Coming This March

It’s been two months past and yet now Microsoft users still in the dark with the anticipated Mobile Windows 10 update for its Lumia devices.

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So in an email that was shared to us by our online partners in relation about the upcoming Windows 10 update, it seems that the company is targeting its official rollout this March, yes you read it right this month!
The update will be for both Lumia 950 and the 950 XL handsets. Those devices are powered by Windows 10 mobile operating systems.
So unlike its previous update schedule, that the update will be last January 2016. This time it separates the upgrade from its service update. So this means that the February rollout and March will undergo two processes or a bundled upgrade.
According to the information that we received the said rollout will begin passively, of course with company’s perspective, so every user who wishes to upgrade shall initiate the process manually to their individual handsets. But in the future with unspecified date, the company will push a new firmware update to those who are eligible handsets.

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