March 12, 2016

How To Open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a brand new web browser called Microsoft Edge, which is also the new operating system's default internet app. With its streamlined interface, improved ergonomics, and wide range of features, Microsoft Edge certainly provides more appeal than its predecessor, but for users who are still keen on using Internet Explorer, here's how to find and run the web browser. 

How To Run Internet Explorer in Windows 10

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Run Internet Explorer via Microsoft Edge
Open Microsoft Edge and navigate to the desired webpage. Click on the More actions menu and select Open with Internet Explorer

The selected webpage will open in Internet Explorer. 

Find Internet Explorer with the Run Command

Press [Windows] + [R] to open the Run command. Type 
 and press Enter to validate: 

Find Internet Explorer via the Search Box

Click into the Search box and type in Internet Explorer. Select the application when it appears. The IE shortcut can be pinned to the Taskbar or Start for easier access: 

Open Internet Explorer with Cortana

If Cortana is enabled on your PC, you can use the personal assistant to open Internet Explorerby simply saying, "Hey Cortana. Open Internet Explorer"

How To Set Internet Explorer as the Default Web Browser

Open Internet Explorer using one of the proposed methods. Click on the Tools menu >Internet Explorer > Programs tab. Click on Make Internet Explorer the default browser

Click on OK to exit the Internet Options

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut for Internet Explorer

There's a simple method to get the Internet Explorer back on your desktop. Open the Run tab and run the 
 command to open Windows 10’s Application folder:

Right-click on Internet Explorer > Create Shortcut

The Internet Explorer shortcut will now be available on the desktop.

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