February 23, 2016

Bruno Mars Accused of Stealing “Uptown Funk” From Rap Trio The Sequence

Bruno Mars is being accused by The Sequence, a late 1970s rap trio, of stealing “Uptown Funk.” The all-girl group alleges its 1979 song “Funk You Up” was ripped off for Mars and Mark Ronson’s hit, which recently won the Grammy Awards’ Record of the Year.

This is not the first time “Uptown Funk” has been accused of plagiarism. In May 2015, Mars and Ronson agreed to give the writers of the Gap Band’s “Oops Upside Your Head” 17 percent of all the royalties from the song because of the striking similarities between the two tunes. And Serbian singer Snezana Miskovic, whose stage name is Viktorija, also alleged that her 1984 song “Ulice Mracne Nisu Za Devojke” (translated as “Dark Streets Are Not For Girls”) was jacked, but never filed a lawsuit, citing the time and money needed to litigate.

Gossip Cop reached out to The Sequence’s rep, Kali Bowyer, for an explanation as to why the group has yet to file a lawsuit if it’s so sure Mars and Ronson stole their song.

 The Sequence was made up of the singers Cheryl Cook (Cheryl The Pearl), Gwendolyn Chisolm (Blondie), and Angie Brown Stone (Angie B.). Bowyer, who some may recall falsely accused Chris Rock of being her son’s baby daddy, has yet to get back to us. Gossip Cop is also waiting to hear from Mars’ attorney. 

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