January 2, 2016

Pc, Android, Symbian Etisalat 2016 New Magic Ip Free Browsing via Psiphon

Happy New Year To You all. Here is etisalat free browsing for 2016 Using Magic Ip's 3128 8080 3128 8086 8086 3128

In your Psiphon under Proxy Server , you can use; instagram.com



You Can Download Psiphon Handler Here

Pc User Download It Here

Psiphon Magic Ip For 2016

Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows:

» APN Type: default

» APN: etisalat

» Proxy: Blank

» Port: Blank

» Save And Activate it as your default settings

Then Launch Psiphon Handler, in the handler menu:

» Proxy type: Reverse Proxy

» Proxy server: instagram.com

» Real Proxy type: HTTP

» Real Proxy server: (leave it blank) » Select save and click on “tunnel whole device”. Click on the option tab

» Region: select, USA Server

» Select more option, And check “Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use the following settings:” then configure as.

» Host address:

» Port: 3128

Save and Click Start, then wait for atleast 10-20minutes


  1. Wait for 10-20 minutes, then if it disconnect after connecting, another 10-20 minutes.

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