January 7, 2016

How to Use Your Android Smartphone As A Mouse Or A Keyboard for Your PC

Android being the most
used device in the world
and it's user friendly,
developers develope
useful apps which makes the operating system to play a lot of role to the
user or owner. There's
so many roles Android
phone plays to the user
and it also include using
your Android device as a
Mouse Or a Keyboard to
your desktop or laptop.

Your Android phone can
replace your keyboard or
mouse if any is lacking or
maybe for fun and this is
what i will be dealing with
today that is how to use your Android phone as a
Mouse Or a Keyboard to
your PC.

How to use your
Android Phone as a
Mouse Or a Keyboard
to your PC.

For you to be able to use
your Android phone as a
Keyboard or a Mouse,
you need to download an
application called Intel
remote keyboard and that
is why this tutorial works
mostly on intel-based

1. First thing to do is to
Download Intel
remote control

keyboard and install it on
your Android device.

2. You will also have to
Download Intel
remote keyboard

and install it on
your Windows pc.

3. Connect your Android
device to your website
through same WiFi

4. On your Android phone,
tap the Windows device

5. Your Windows PC will
now show a large QR
code. Just scan it with
your Android phone–≤€™s
camera (following the on-
screen instructions) and
the two devices will be

Intel remote keyboard is
basically a virtual
trackpad and keyboard
for your computer which you can use it in portrait
or landscape mode.

In portrait mode, your
screen is divided into the
trackpad area on the top
and keyboard at the
bottom and in landscape
mode Intel–≤€™s keyboard
looks much like any
Android keyboard, but
also has a Windows
button, an Esc button,
and the four arrow keys.

Portrait Mode

Landscape Mode

So this is how to use your
Android device as a
Keyboard or mouse to
your PC through Intel
remote keyboard
application both installed
on your Android device
and as well your pc with
your WiFi connected. If
you like this post please
share it to your friends
or loved ones.Thanks.


  1. Can the work on every phone?


  2. it worked Perfectly on My infinx hot2

  3. Nawa ooh okay not but not working on mine