January 6, 2016

How to Start A Unique Blog and Boost Your Blog: Be A Unique Blogger

What is Blogging?

Be A Profrssional Blogger
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The question is already answered by Many people documneted down on thier websites or Blogs. When it comes to bloggin you should ask yourself the following questions

  1. If i start this, what would be the outcome of it

  2. Will i benefit from it

  3. Can i have patience to gain a bucnh of readers

  4. What am i Good at?

  1. If i start this, what would be the outcome of it.

  2. When it comes to Blogging this question should disturb you. Blogging Outcome is so stressful and One of the Most easiest way of spending time to earn money. Mind you when i say money it should be the Last thing that should come to your mind. Friends may Laugh You, telling you that you spend a lot of time on Pc and Mobile still no Outcome and this may lead to some of Us quit, but Don't mind those things Because he who laugh last Laughs Best.

  3. Will i benefit from it

  4. Blogging Benefits is so many. It leads to some certain wau of live and makes you reasearch things You Would want your readers see. Blogging improve the way you think and increase your love for the web. Be passionate about Bloggin and you would love it more and more. I see some people quit web all of a sudden if they dont get traffic, This means that You quit Because you don't know the neccessary LOVELY benefits of Blogging.

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  5. Can i have patience to gain a bucnh of readers

  6. Like i said Before, You quit because you don't know the neccessary Benefits and you are not passionate. When you start a Blog i advice you to have patience. Some Pro would tell you is easy due to they have lots of traffic, and you never thought that they started with one post and then two till them levels now. You see big sites like Nairaland, Naijaloaded, or Tech sites Like Shelaf, Ogbongeblog.com, alltechway, Geek.ng, many of them while you search on Google. Well let me tell you this sites has been on the web for many years, they no more need to share links so Google will Boost Them and You see them on every A or B you search. And remeber they started with one post like yoy. If you want to get readers, consider buying a domain name [that can be memorized easily mine is WAP2ALL.COM] , because short domain names can be remebered easily. Also to gain traffic and readers Create a Facbook page, Twitter Channel, Google+ Plus for your site and share Your links frequently on them, that makes Google to trust Your site and Boost your ranking. Publish Original post and Dont Copy Other Blog Post. Original Post makes your blog an exceptional, also provide relevant content to your readers. For stubborn Copy cats Please Give a Backlink to the Site You copied their Content.

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    Be focused on one, I Mean if you are a tech Blogger Like Wap2all.com 's Blog make sure all contents in your Blog are Of tech, Don't introduce entertainment, or music in it. Your tech entertainment should be Tech News, Not All News Or Naija Gossip Please!!!!.


    Before You think of Kickstarting a Blog Bear it in mind you have started Something Unique. I tell someone that always tell me to teach him [Think of What You Can Do]. What are "U" Passionate about is what You will Focus on. Like For real since Day One i love electronics when i don't even know what is internet or Phone, i Make Clocks With Cartons, and Put them light, and that was tech for me, but as time goes on started using those old mini mo3 to mp4 to mo5 and Later had a cell phone. What am telliing was that anything about tech is what i love and is what am gaining from. Inasmuch you love art drawing or cooking, start An Art Blog Or Cooking Blog and you will see how google would boost your blog in Page Ranking. Be yourself in world of blogging, don't share uneccessary links to website Because You Spam them and Violate their Privacu. You make put a back link to your site if You Comment on them.

    If you are still reading Till down here Bear it in mind that is me that wrote this, am not a perfect advicor but at least this would definitely help You.


    Like i said It should be the last thing On your mind when it come to world of blogging. If you started a blog to gain money BROS, SIS you would eventually cut off within months of no income. To gain easy money have to do with your contents. There are many Publishing websites Like Yahoo Media, Google Ads and Best Alternatives such as Adquet, Content Ad, InMobi, Propeller ads, Bid Advertiser and many more.

    Of all of them Google And Yahoo is the Best. They only accept you if Your Blog Contents are Totally Different and Related to Your Blog Description. There are some things i missed because of my siblings Disturbance but at least with this Guide You will Rank From 1200000000 to 100, 000 on the web. You may pay high Ranking sites to get Unique trafic to Your Blog!!!!

    If you Loved this Why dont't Use the Comment Box Share Some Ideas You May Want Us to Knos w About :-D

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