January 25, 2016

How to Play Android Game on Your Lumia Windows 10 Devices

With This tutorial You would Be able to Play any Game of your Choice on Your Lumia Phone.

I learnt this cool method for running android applications on the other hand games on windows versatile cell phone. A few days back however couldn't consider writTing an instructional exercise on it until I ensured I utilized it on the gadget for quite a while to be certain.

  • >Play Android Game on Windows Lumia

  • Although it is sad to say that this feature is currently not available on all Windows devices, so I will quickly list the devices it is currently supported on:

    Minimum Requirement: Latest build of Windows 10 for Desktop / PC and Windows 10 Mobile Preview. Files required: Download Wconnect Tool here and Android SDK ADB tool here.

    1. After downloading the above applications just unzip them to a separate folder.

    2. Now install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe from wconnect folder.

    3. From the home screen, go to settings, then update and security then Developers. Enable developers mode and while you are at it turn on device discovery.

    4. Then from Wconnect folder open Command Window. Here is how to do it, go to the folder and press Shift key right click. After that is done, the phone needs to be connected, and this can be done in two ways although USB method is recommended
    5. .

      If you connect via USB, type wconnect.exe usb and hit enter.

      If you connect via Wi-Fi, type wconnect.exe 192.168.xxx.xxx (replace 192.168.xxx.xxx with your Network IP Address). Once that is done, input the paring code.

    6. After this is done, navigate to the previously extracted ADB folder and open an elevated command prompt. Then type adb device to show you a list of devices that are connected then check to see if yours is among them.

    7. Finally, paste the APK file that you want to install on the same directory (adb folder) and type in adb install APKNAME.apk (replace APKNAME with the APK file’s name)

    8. Relax for a couple of minutes so the app refreshes, then you should be able to install the Android app on your Windows 10 device.

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