January 20, 2016

Download Simple Server Pro 1.00.43 for Windows and rock Mtn Bis

This new version of Simple Server has no much difference, except that it is combined with Psiphon and pre-configured with settings to enable you have a more stable connection. I just decided to modify, tweak and present it as a single EXE file, especially for those who find it difficult to configure them separately.

Please, after installation on your PC, start both apps either from your Start Menu or Desktop then minimize the both softwares. Psiphon tries to constantly ping your network and ensures a stable connection. Each time you are connected, it makes a beep sound and displays connected at the notification menu.

NB: It has been pre-configured with M.T.N BBLITE settings already, just install and launch. To change the settings, kindly go to Start - All Programs - Simple Server Pro and click the config settings to edit.

Download Link

Please always check this site for newer updates.

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