January 18, 2016

Download Latest Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Xp PdaNET+ & Android PdaNET+: Learn HOW TO TETHER Using Android As Modem

Learn HOW TO TETHER Using Android As Modem to Connect to Internet on Your LatoP/Pc


  • Sypon Shield v3.1.3 HandlerUI

  • Download and installation instructions for Mac OS (5.0 or above).

  • pdanet+ for pc and android

  • Click here to download PDANET version 4 with FOXfi For Android[PdaNET+]

  • PdaNet+ V4.12.exe[32bit/64bit]

  • OR

  • Older Versions Is Also Here

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    Note:: When you run the installer, if for some reason it says the file is corrupted, that would be caused by browser timeouts. Try to download using a different browser or from your phone directly.

    1. Unzip and open the Zip file you download above

    2. Install FoxFi Key on your phone to crack PdaNet+

    3. Install PdaNet+ for android device on your phone

    4. Install PdaNet+ for PC/LAPTOP device on your PC/LAPTTOP.

    5. when asked to select device driver while installing PdaNET on your PC , dont select any phone brand instead select the other option and make sure you enable USB debugging. Finally 5. Connect your mobile device via USB cable to your PC {A working cable which can transfer files to pc}

    6. Launch any of your Vpn's software such as Psiphon, openVpn, Tweakware or JWP and make sure its already connected on your mobile device. As for me I'm using Syphon Shield v3.
    7. Lunch PdaNET+ on your phone and Activate USB TETHER

    8. Now open the PdaNET+ on your Pc at the bottom right of your system tray. Then right click on the pdaNET icon on the tray and click “connect internet(USB)”, it will verify and authenticate your connection and it will show connected.

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      Now you've successfully shared you VPN'S Network with your PC and you can now use your PC without any proxy or simple server. You can check the attached images for clarification.

      NOTE: Make sure your browser is set to No proxy. Also make sure you disable your Local Area Network proxy in 'Internet option" located @Internet explorer if you set any else some of your apps might not work if the LAN is set to use and port 8080 of Simple Server and you wont be able to update your laptop.

      Conclusion : With this steps You can Now Be able to Browse on Your pc usign Your Android phone as Modem. Any difficulty please consider Usign The Comment Box!!!!!

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