January 21, 2016


Requirements: downlod Jokihotspot here

You can learn more about this application here

You must have a Nokia symbian phone S60V3 and newer, or any samsung symbian phone or any sony ericsson symbian phone or any maemo device e.g nokia N900 (am afraid it is not available yet on all phones i wish it is available in java format later)
Get a blackberry phone ( you only need to use this to subscribe once and for all you dont even need to buy one you may borrow one from friend or family) because you are going to use this to subscribe on your sim.
After subscription and once you have confirmed that your phone is active,
Then remove the sim and place it in side your Nokia Symbian or Sony ericsson symbian, or samsung symbian or your maemo 5 phone.
Now create a new internet profile with the following settings on your Nokia symbian or maemo phone:
> APN: blackberry.net

> username: web

> password: web

Then  move 2 d advance settings
DNS addresses>>

primary DNS address : or

secondary DNS address: or

Install the application you have downloaded above and launch it

after setting it up what you have to do next is to connect your pc to your phone via wifi
Todo it scan your computer for available wireless network and off you go you can browse with any browser or launch any application on your computer as if you are using a broadband or HSUPDA modem.
this also works with other phones and wireless devices e.g playstation 3 e.t.c

In the meantime if you have any comment please drop it below

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