January 10, 2016

Blogger New Featured Post Widget From Blogger Layout

Blogger has now introduced a new Widget from Layout called


Blogger Featured Post Widget From Blogger

You’ll be able to place the gadget wherever you’d like on your blog and then choose the post you’d like to show.

You can change the gadget title, disable the post snippet title and image. Unfortunately, you can't disable the intro part for now.

You can use the search box to search for a specific post in your archives and you can also use the "Labels" drop down to filter your posts.

If you’d like to highlight something new, you can change the post you feature at any time.

Blogger Featured Post Widget To activate this head over to Layout >> Sidebar >> Add a Gadget and You Will See Feautred Post.

This would Help You to revive OLder Post On your Blog that are Important. A good Example is the One on Wap2all Right Sode Bar as You can See. What Do You think About This

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  1. Nice tutorial bro keep it up.
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