December 29, 2015

Free Public Domain or CC0-Licensed Images For Bloggers and Webbies

Are you looking for free royalty free public domain and CC0-Licensed images for your blog? High quality images can boost the engagement level of your website. In this article, we will show you 16 great websites where you can find free public domain and CC0-Licensed images that you can use anywhere.

Why Use Free Public Domain or CC0-Licensed Images?

All images on the web are protected by copyright. Even if the copyright is not mentioned, you should assume that they are. Using them without permission is illegal.

While you can buy high quality royalty-free images from stock photo websites like ShutterStock, not everyone has the budget to buy licensed photographs and images.

That’s when images with public domain and CC0 license comes in handy.

Public domain is the term used to describe works whose licenses have expired, or works that are explicitly released with no restriction on their usage.

CC0 is a license that allows copyright owners to release their works with no restrictions at all.

Images under public domain or CC0-License can be used by anyone for any purpose. As a website owner you can use these images in your blog posts, featured images, ", image galleries, backgrounds, and basically anywhere else you want.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best curated sources for free public domain or CC0-Licensed images.

1. Public Domain Archive

A very well organized and large collection of public domain photographs. You can easily browse images filed under categories or use the search feature.

2. Unsplash

A very popular destination for high quality CC0 licensed photographs. The site releases 10 photos every 10 days. It has a nice search feature which you can use to find images matching certain themes like nature, office, work, etc.

3. Little Visuals

4. Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures offers free high quality images, graphics, and vectors for downloads. Images are sorted into categories for easy browsing.

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There Are Many More on the web And all the above sites You can Join anyone to also store Your Images Of Choice


  1. Hi, thanks for this article with great sources for free images websites. One more source i can recommend you is they serve also many free photos with public domain license cc0.