November 15, 2015

The Second Next Blackberry Android Device Called “Vienna”

Blackberry 10 doesn't look like a platform doing so well and the company's experiment with Andoid OS looks like a well received breakthrough. Blackberry Priv reviews online are positive and this looks like what's going to bring the struggling company back from the brink of extinction. The emphasis on security and privacy has been a major selling point.

Vienna: Second Blackberry Android

Well, it seems Blackberry is trying to make an impactful comeback to the scene and it's grand entry into the Android smartphone market with Blackberry Priv was critically acclaimed.

The Official Images of Blackberry's New Android

Blackberry Priv Official Images of
Blackberry's New Android

Official Images of
Blackberry's New Android

It appears the company isn't relenting as rumor has it that the company is set to release its next Android device codenamed "Vienna."

With its Android OS adoption looking like the right step in the right direction, this is the next Android phone rumored to be released next by Blackberry:

While we can't ascertain if this is just another design idea, it's worth mentioning that John Chen, Blackerry's CEO admits the company plans to release a line of Android phones after Priv and this might be just one of them.

An article published on Crackberry claims they received a tip on what might be the next Blackberry Android phone. The device in the image looks different from Blackberry Priv as it has a fixed Qwerty keyboard unlike the slide-out keyboard see on Blackberry Priv.

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