November 7, 2015

How to Unhide Shortened Url Using GETLINKINFO website

Sometimes you may have come across short url on social media e.g some uses Google url shortener and the link may be something like this wap2all,

or sometimes a friend, Or Network Providers may send it to you as a message in other of product marketting Like Jumia, Konga, Bettips and Many More.

Importance Of Link Shortening

Link shorting helps to reduce a direct page link, so that when someone looks at it he/she can Catch Up which the Link if interesting

An example Of this is Given Below

7 Most Important Use Of OTG USB Cable: How tos Use OTG Usb Cable

Click On the Above Link and Check Your Address Bar


Filrst Of All Viist Getinfolink Website

Find Shortened Url Using

Input the shortened url, paste the "tiny", "" or whatever link on the box and click on "GET LINK INFO" after that it will load up the original link and you will know if it was exactly what the poster said it is.

That's All Comment If there is any Problem

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