November 20, 2015

How to Find Silenced/Stolen Phone

After the day’s work, you arrive home hours later and you don’t seem to find your phone. You used a friend’s phone to call your number but no phone rings. Has my phone been stolen? Of course not, you have misplaced it and the phone is on silent or vibration! Well, not to worry, I offer some tips on how you can find your Android phone even though it is on silent mode.

  • By Clapping

  • This may be funny but it is true. By clapping your hands you can find your phone. You do this by downloading the app called Clap to find. Just adjust the sensitivity of your phone to the maximum level so that it can recognise your clapping pattern. Thus, to find your phone, just clap three time and the phone would ring. The shortcoming is that anyone could clap, and the phone would ring.

    By Clapping Method

    SMS Phrase

    You don’t need to have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. What you need to do is to download the ring my droid application on your phone. Then, the app would ask you choose a SMS phase. This is the phrase that your phone would recognize that would trigger it to ring. You simply have to send the SMS command with your friend’s or colleague’s phone.

    Find A Stolen Phone

    Set up Android Device Manager

    This is can also be used to find a stolen phone or wipe out your data if you lost your phone. You have to set up android device manager on your phone. After setting it up, your phone would be connected to your Google account. So, when next you misplaced your phone in your room or office, just search for make a call with Google. You would be asked to log into your account. Afterwards, the devices connected to your Android device manager would appear and you can call your misplaced phone. You Android OS phone would be activated and ring for 5 minutes.

    What other ways do you think you can find a phone on silent mode? Share your advice with readers in the comments.

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