November 5, 2015

Find Your LookAlike Twins Using This Methods

There are times when we wonder if we have a twin across the world and if there is an online tool available that could help us find him/her. Well, there are only a few tools that could help us out and here they are:

Toos Used In Finding Your Twin twin finder

Remember Microsoft’s It is a fun website which tries to guess your age and there’s also a game that lets you guess other people’s age. Well, there’s one more cool website from Microsoft,, it lets you know how much your face matches with another person’s face. While Microsoft’s tool doesn’t let you discover twins, it does let you know if you and someone else look alike.

To see if somebody is your twin or not, just upload a picture of the person alongside yours and the tool will let you know in percentage how much you both match each other. We tried Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon and they were a 47% match. We also tried uploading vastly different pictures of the same person on both fronts and they matched 100%, so it does work. You can also use online images of celebrities and see if you look like one. So, give it a try and have some fun.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Search Image from Google

Reverse Image Search may not really be a tool aimed at finding your twin but it can be used as a workaround. It can be used as a tool to find a twin, as it lets you search for similar images. So, you can go ahead and upload a picture of yours and if you indeed have a twin out there, you might find him/her in the search results. There are a number of search engines that support reverse image search including Google but some search engines take the whole picture into account, rather than considering a face or object in the picture.

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ILookLikeYou has been a very popular website to find your twin and it still remains pretty viable. When you register on the website, you will have to upload a picture which shows your face clearly or let the webcam take one right then. Once you have set up your account with other details like age and location, the website will show you people who look like you the most. Sadly, we did not have much luck with the tool with most match results being totally inaccurate. Moreover, the website does not take gender into account and it will show a girl as your match even if you are a guy. Well, we hope you find more luck with it. Do let us know if you indeed get lucky with ILookLikeYou.

Also to keep in mind here that ILookLikeYou will only match you with people registered on their website, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t find your twin because they might not even be using this service.

TwinStrangers recently made news due to their Facebook campaign that helped find people their doppelgängers across the globe. It’s a cool website that shows you your twins based on your facial features. When you create an account at TwinStrangers, it lets you select your facial features like face shape, eyebrows type, eyes type, nose type and more. You also need to upload a couple of pictures of yourself. Once your account is set up, the website will show you people who have similar facial features. While some matches may be disappointing, you might end up finding your twin, so keep looking.

TwinStrangers is a paid service and you need to pay $3.95 for a 6-month subscription. The subscription will let you discover people and get discovered by others. It’s important to note here that TwinStrangers only searches for twins among people registered on it, which means your twin or doppelganger must be registered for you to be able to find. So, if you are really passionate about finding your twin and don’t mind paying up a little, you should give it a try.

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