October 12, 2015

Top 5 Phones And Tablets Owned By Nigerian Brands

1.Bryte Gadgets : Bryte Tablets is the top and fast selling local made gadgets with their products ranging from Bryte Adults tablet,childrens tablet,Bryte smart watch,Bryte power bank and bluetooth speakers. the product is being manufactured in china and assembled in hongkong as said.The bryte headquater is basically in lagos.it has a 13months warantee bryte brytewatch"/
2. Imose : This another Fast selling local brand in nigeria,they penetrated nigerian market with childrens tablet which is popularly called "Omotab" and has mobile phones also.. the product is manufactured in china and assembled in china also.. imnnot sure of the warantee limit. imose
3.RLG products:This is being manufactured in Osun state and its in form of a nokia kind of phone.
4.Pliris1 Andriod Smart Phone : Nigeria's first Android tablet 'INYE' launched last year. Pliris1 by Nimbleturf is the first Android Phone made for the Nigerian market. It runs on Android 2.2[Froyo], 512MB of RAM and is equipped with a 3.2 inch touchscreen etc.
5.Obi : this mobile phone is co-owned by a nigerian and Former Apple CEO John Sculley launches two Android phones. Sculley co-founded Obi. obi

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