October 11, 2015

Top 15 Reasons Your Facebook Account May be Suspended / Disabled / Banned

Just last year, about five people on my facebook friends list got their account disabled by the Facebook team for reasons best known to facebook only. Theses guys actually did nothing wrong…or so I think. There are several reasons why Facebook may disable your account and you need to be careful because being a facebook user for years is not enough to give your account any immunity. If you’re into serious social marketing, it’s advisiable not to put all your eggs in a basket and explore other opportunities on Twitter and Google Plus. Anyway, that’s not the main issue here, I’m just gonna list below possible reasons why you Facebook account may be suspended. 1. Using a fake name This is the reason most facebook accounts get suspended. What do you expect when you use the name of an object as a name? Always use your real name on facebook and even if you must use a fake name, it must still be a normal name. 2. Posting on walls in rapid succession When you’re posting stuffs or links on friends’ wall and groups rather too fast, Facebook might have a feeling you’re a bot and kick you out. Some of these bans can be automated so be careful. 3. You’re sending too many friend requests Sending too many requests or sending friend requests to people you don’t know might get you into trouble. There’s a limit to the number of requests you can send daily and you should get a warning when you reach this limit. Trying to proceed after you get the warning might be dangerous. Also, when you send requests to people you don’t know and you get reported, I don’t think it’s good for you. 4. Posting offensive updates and pictures You’re supposed to behave yourself in a public place like facebook, right? Posting offensive stuffs isn’t right, you don’t need to be told. 5. Posting duplicated texts in too much messages This is spamming and you can get banned by facebook bots if you do this. I hate spammers, so does Facebook. 6. You’re poking rather too much I’m not sure how far this is true but it’s rumored that your account might be disabled when you’re poking people rather “too much” 7. Your account is a potential risk to other facebook users Just a few months back, there was a problem with facebook with pornographic pitures all over the place. It was caused by a virus and I read that facebook “isolated” accounts affected by the virus. You should also be careful with applications you use on facebook. 8. You’re liking too many fan pages There’s a limit to how much pages you can like daily and ignoring the warning and passing this limit might get your account in trouble. 9. Suspicious payment information Paying for facebook advertisement or game credit with a credit card carrying a name different from your facebook name may get your account disabled 10. Affiliation with a Doubtful Organization or Page 11. Having more than one account Lots of people have two or more facebook accounts and facebook may decide anytime to delete duplicate accounts. It does happen, so be careful. 12. Facebook profiles are only for humans! When you create a facebook profile for a dog, a cat, an organization or anything other than a normal human being, don’t expect the facebook team to overlook that. 13. Using a fake date of birth Never use an unbelievable date of birth like 1910 on facebook because this is just one of the little reasons your account might be banned 14. Posting copyrighted materials 15. Getting reported by rather too many people Note: If your account is disabled, there’s absolutely no trick to get you your account back. All you can do is to appeal and hope you get it back. It’s doubtful though, so it’s better to prevent it. Also, you shouldn’t rely on facebook alone for social marketing as it’s gonna be disastrous when facebook finally decides to delete your account. I haven’t been using Google Plus and Twitter that much lately but writing this article is like convincing myself to wake up.

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