October 17, 2015

Full Guides - How to Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger in Blogs

Facebook is #1 social networking site and it is the easiest & best way to get Traffic to your blog/website. Every blogger wants to have a fan page for their blog with more and more likes. If you are one of them, just add Like button/box of your Fan Page to your website. Here I Explained about Necessary of Facebook Like Box on Blog. Advantages of Having Like Box on Blog/ Website. Full Process of Adding Like Box to Blog in Blogger. Why It is Necessary to Have Fb Like Button on Blog? It can convert your blog's traffic to likes. For getting more traffic we need more fans in our facbook page. Thus, we can promote/share our blog or website's link with more people. So, it would be better to bring your Like button of facebookk page as a Gadget on our blog. Thus, the users can like our facebook page without leaving our blog. For better understanding read advantages of having Like button on blog. 1. Facebook Like Button can increase likes directly to your page without leaving from your website/blog. 2. People will trust on your blog if your page having more fans, which is most important in the world of blogging. 3. You can show your following or popularity directly to your users. Steps to Add Facebook Like Button on Blog: 1. First of all go to Facebook Developers Page. 2. Just enter the Full URL of your Facebook Page and set some basic setting (e.g. Border, Header, Color, Height) as per your requirement and finally click on Get Code. 3. Now Click on IFRAME and copy the code. Look at the picture for better understanding shown below. 4. You have got the code, now go to Blogger.com Login there and go to Blog Dashboard > Layout > Add Gadget > HTML/JavaScript. Now Paste the code you have copied in the above step and Finally Save it. You have successfully added Facebook Like Box.

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