October 31, 2015

7 WordPress plugins that will help you quickly to your site has more traffic

When we have a web site, we always want to take advantage of the latest technology in order to maximize the results of our efforts and get more traffic on it. Besides the constant quality content creation, what else can we do?

7 Below we present the best WordPress plugins that will help us optimize, audit and promote our web site to increase traffic.
Wordpress plugins for better seo

1. Sharebar

Sharebar image from google

Sharebar is an easy plugin to install that provides a customizable vertical box with controls to share with the most popular social networks. Users of our site will share its contents by pressing a button, creating a link between their accounts and the site in this way. This implies an increased exposure through organic exchange, which is ideal not only for traffic but also for SEO.

2. WP to Twitter

WordPress to twitter image by Google

The purpose of this plugin is similar to Sharebar, but in this case the plugin creates an automatic publication of content you add to your site in your twitter account. It sets up templates of twits, and again will not waste time copying and Packing links.
This plugin also provides a widget for our website showing all the latest tweets and generates a shortened URL for them.

3. SumoMe, popups and headers

Sumome tools image by goigke

Sumome is a pack of tools for internal marketing aimed at increasing subscribers to your site. You have paid and free tools that are of great help in helping us promote our website you.
For example, it has a tool called HeatMap that shows what part of our website the most traffic is concentrated, or Opt-in bar that is responsible for displaying a pop-up with a subscription message based on the criteria we have set.
All tools are very well developed, are simple to use and work brilliantly with WordPress. If our web site has high requirements we can choose to pay quite interesting tools.

4. All in One SEO Pack

Seo tools image by google

Increase SEO will make our website better in search engines place, getting a better ranking that will result in increased occurrence of our site in search results.
This automatically adds the most important to enhance the SEO of our website, as well as help to optimize the titles to Google and other search engines and generate automatic meta tags for each publication fields.
For a fully automated experience and make us forget the SEO, this package is a must.

5. Scribe

Scribe contents image by google

Content marketing is a great weapon in the battle for increasing our ranking SEO and this plugin does just that. scribe help us with our research strategy content, providing functionality we can use to search our content is best suited to the trends occurring in our site suits.
By adding the right search terms, Scribe not only helps generate valuable content, but also helps to create more relevant to search engines content.

6. Facebooks Comments

Facebook comment box image by Google

If we have integrated into our site a feedback, we know the most common problems: spam, aggressive comments ... With this plugin get integrated system Facebook comments to the site, thereby achieving filter relatively efficiently (since it depends Facebook) such problems. In addition, the system in shared infrastructures implies that each comment is registered in the bulletin each user, which will make it more accessible to social tangle and get better SEO.

Website mobile optimization image by google

7. Websitez Mobile Optimization

Recently, it became official that the traffic generated by mobile exceeded the amount of traffic generated by laptop and desktop computers together. For this reason and many others (like google now better positions the pages tailored for mobile), if your site is not accessible to those platforms, websitez Mobile Optimization is our plugin.
I Think for just over € 45 ($ 50) we can acquire this plugin that we formatted in a simple and instant our site with a friendly interface to these devices.

Do you have any suggestions of some plugin that is not listed?

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