October 14, 2015

HOW to Set custom replies for Facebook Messenger on Apple Watch

Last week Facebook released its Apple Watch
app for Messenger. With the app, you can
compose new messages, use stickers and
send voice notes.

Of course, the new functionality means you
can now reply to messages from the watch.
Facebook includes a six predefined text
replies which can be customized to better fit
your needs, here's how:

  • Launch Facebook Messenger on your

  • Tap on the Settings icon in the lower-
    right corner.

  • Select Apple Watch.

  • Tap any text field to replace it with your
    custom reply.

  • After you're done adding your own
    replies, you can close the app or go back
    to the conversation list.

  • The next time someone sends you a message,
    tap on the Reply button on the Apple Watch to view your custom messages.

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